There are so many resources that people try to turn a breech. From peppermint essential oil all over the belly to moxibustion on Bladder -67 while inverted to diving down to the bottom a pool to do handstands or Pulsatilla homeopathics. At some point we must also respect our own nervous systems to find the joy in what we are doing if trying to turn a baby. Here are some resources people can use with care and joy:

Spinning Babies® ebooks:

      Helping Your Breech Baby Turn

      When Baby Lies Sideways

Spinning Babies® online course: “Breech for Pregnant Parents”

Spinning Babies® online course: “Breech Pregnancy for Practitioners”

Webster’s Chiropractic Technique 

Breech Birth Skills for Birthworkers:

Spinning Babies® Breech Basics: Online and in Person

Breech Without Borders 

Breech Birth Network (UK)

Reteach the Breech

Breech Birth San Diego (BBSD)